Speedy Safe | Tools Collection

Speedy Safe | Tools Collection

Only 1MB, with 50+ powerful tools, no extra downloads.

Only 1MB, with 50+ powerful tools, no extra downloads.

Only 1MB, with 50+ powerful tools, no extra downloads. We made it possible!

Speedy Safe is a FREE Android master that lets you boost your Android’s speed, clear junk, free up storage and uninstall malicious apps to optimize your device, manage app permissions, increase your phone security, lock & find your device if stolen. It gives you a safe private space where you can encrypt private SMS, calls and other files. It is an all-in-one Android troubleshooter which will be your favorite phone app.

When Do You Need Us?

Want to block unwanted Calls & SMS?

Want to encrypt private Calls & SMS?

Want to protect your privacy when your phone is stolen?

Want to locate the thief who has stolen your phone?

Want to speed up your slow system?

Want to clean up your system without damaging useful data?

Speedy Safe (System Optimizer & Security Master) Highlights:

Easily Operation: A single touch saves you time and effort to speed up your phone.

Junk File Cleaner: Scan and clear every bit of junk and cache files.

Quick Cleaner: Kill unwanted tasks.

Privacy Protection: Encrypt private calls, SMS, pictures, videos and other applications.

Unwanted Calls & SMS Blocker: Manage black or white list to block unwanted Calls & SMS.

Call Recorder: Record a call automatically or manually.

Toolbox: Ads detector, sensitive behavior manager, anti-theft, power manager, traffic monitor, flashlight, compass, etc.

Power Manager: A battery saver which can save energy and power.

What Speedy Safe Can Do for You?


Speedy Safe is a speed booster that makes Android apps and games faster than ever before!

One-touch system speed diagnosis and acceleration: tap the “Speed Up” button or use the floating button on your home screen.

Kill background processes, kill unwanted tasks and disable auto-start apps to free up memory and boost the speed of your system.


Clean up your Android phone and junk files in your SD card.

Clean residual files left over after uninstalling apps.

Clean up cache with a single touch to speed up your Android system.


Master apps to keep your storage space clean and organized!

Install/Uninstall manager keeps your Android clean.

Manage apps on Android internal storage and SD card to free up space.


Ad plugin scanner, permission manager.

Scan apps and files on your phone to detect ad plugins.


Ensure mobile security by reviewing and managing the permissions that all the installed apps can use.

Uninstall suspicious apps or cancel the permissions.


Give your phone a 360-degree protection. Protect your data and phone from theft. You can set a security number through which you can control a stolen phone.

Locate your stolen phone, make it sound alarm or delete private SMS/Calls.

As a useful System Booster & Security Master, with the trust of millions of Speedy Safe users, Speedy Safe will make your phone smoother, more stable and more efficient.

Speedy Safe | Tools Collection


Speedy Safe | Tools Collection